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We are excited to be a part of the healthcare revolution by coaching individuals and families to live healthier by improving diet, exercise and stress management.

Nutritional Guidance

Healthy choices and how to implement them into your life... even on a budget!

Stress Management

Identify sources of stress and learn strategies for dealing with them.

Weight Loss

Integrated approach to weight management that is sustainable.

Our Story

In our almost two decades of healthcare work, and through our experiences as patients, we have seen how important it is to prevent illness rather than treat it. Once you’re in the hospital, you’re putting your life in the hands of someone else. “Everything we do here - EVERYTHING - is a stall,” Zach Braff’s character J.D. once said in the show “Scrubs.” Whether you liked that show or not, these are true words. And while some ailments can’t be prevented, you are much more in control of your own health and wellness than you might think. And we are here to help you regain this control.

We are very excited to be a part of this new healthcare revolution by coaching individuals and families to live healthier lives by offering nutrition guidance, personal training, stress management tips and much more.

As your personal health and wellness coaches, we will use our background, as medical practitioners, to help you create a personalized program and help you achieve your health goals. Achieving your goals and improving your life is possible, despite your health history. We have thoroughly researched, and have personally experienced, how the power of mindfulness and proper nutrition can change your life. You are capable of reaching any goal, even if you live with a serious illness. With the right guidance and support, we believe you can live a happy and healthy life.

We are here to guide you along your journey, but improving your health is ultimately up to you. When you’re ready to take control of your life, contact us to get the conversation started. We look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you.

Meet our team...

With both of us having a medical background, we decided we wanted to help people with wellness and prevention, through nutrition and exercise, instead of when they get sick.
Emily Martinez

Emily Martinez

Health Coach

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. At IIN, I studied food and diet, but also studied why and how other lifestyle factors directly impact our daily lives (stress, sleep, physical activity, spirituality, relationships, etc.). I was taught the concept of bio-individuality, which means everyone is unique and that one plan or program will not work the same for everybody.

April Garland

April Garland

Health Coach

Hi, I'm April, an ACE-certified health coach and avid climber. I live in Superior, Colorado with my family, and have access to some of the world’s most beautiful natural surroundings. Being so close to the mountains, we never have a shortage of places to run, bike, hike, canoe, ski, etc. Being imbued in this active culture of outdoor adventures has inspired me to help others reach their own personal health and fitness goals.

What clients say...

Katie Deshler

"Working with April Garland has been life-changing for me. I was in a serious accident almost 2 years ago. I had a head injury and a broken arm. I was achy and sore for almost a year. I felt that I had lost a lot of my energy and muscle strength. Through her guidance, advice and abundant supply of encouragement I have regained my energy and strength. Aprils approach to health, wellness and nutrition has changed my life. She is always available to me when I need a little push to get out there and work out. She had truly made an impact on my life."

Lindsey McLemore

"April has been indispensable in helping me achieve my fitness goals. April is relentlessly motivational and encourages me to do things I think I would not be able to do. I came to April for health coaching extremely out of shape, obese, and discouraged. I had extreme doubts and anxiety about eating healthy and exercising but she was able to develop a plan that was in line with fitness level. With her help I was able to fit into a bridesmaid dress and look decent! I lost 47 pounds in 7 months and am continuing to work towards my goals. Thank you ,April for not giving up on me. When I feel defeated you continue to be there to pull me up!"

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